Institutional Consulting & Sales Services

As a result of lessons learned from the world-wide Novel Coronavirus pandemic, KDK Technology-USA has created a new PPE and related* services FREE** consulting service, based on our proven and successful track record that we have developed to meet the ongoing needs of our existing and growing institutional customers.

Regardless of a pandemic, natural/man-made disaster, or business operational processes and standards, we understand that each need is unique. From the beginning, we ask the important questions in order to provide our customers with economical and easily executable short- and long-term solutions.

Our consultation services are FREE OF CHARGE as we generate our revenue on products and related additional services-sold.

To schedule an in-person or virtual consultation, CLICK HERE


*Charges for related services per proposals and subsequent customer Purchase Orders.

**Revenues are generated by the sale of PPE products as per proposals and subsequent customer Purchase Orders.

Target Markets

  • Healthcare service providers

  • K-12 school systems

  • Higher Education colleges and universities

  • Local and state governments

  • Public Safety, EMS, Fire & Rescue

  • Critical infrastructure operations

  • Food supply chain and transportation

  • Hotel lodging & tourism

  • Restaurant and related service industries

  • Entertainment

  • Mass Transit

We only source, procure and sell U.S. Government-approved PPE and related products.